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K-Music 2015 presents The Pansori Night

The Pansori Night brings together six talented performers for an evening of music, dance and song with a contemporary twist. Pansori is a form of vocal story-telling that reaches back centuries – the stories sung are often comic, with a Chaucerian comedy to them, but they are also more than just bawdiness, and can be romantic, sad and emotional to boot.

Rising Pansori talent Sang-il Nam is joined by Aeri Park, one of Korea’s leading female pansori performers. Aeri Park also performs with ‘Poppin’ Hyunjoon, who takes breakdance moves and blends them with traditional rhythms. Our three stars are also joined by Bae Reon, playing the ajaeng (a seven-stringed instrument), percussionist Kye-youl Jun accompanying the pansori with the janggu (Korean drum) and traditional dancer Ji-sun Choi.

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