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Strauss Reflected

Hosted by Classic FM’s John Suchet

Venue: Cadogan Hall


Johann Strauss I
Beliebte Annen-Polka
Johann Strauss II
Josef Strauss
Johann Strauss II
Tritsch Tratsch Polka; Overture Die Fledermaus; Emperor Waltz
Eduard Strauss
Elektrisch Polka
Johann Strauss II
Blue Danube
Johann Strauss I
Radetzky March

With improvised singing by Meeta Pandit.


John Suchet
Meeta Pandit
David Murphy
Sinfonia Verdi

Strauss Reflected presents an exciting and compelling story that reveals the emotionally charged lives and music of the Strauss family.

With his contagious enthusiasm and extraordinary storytelling skills, John Suchet unravels the family’s tensions, dramas and triumphs and provides the audience with key elements to appreciate their music.

The concert sheds fresh light on the shared roots of western and eastern musical traditions with Sinfonia Verdi performing some of the most famous orchestral scores of the Strauss masters interspersed with improvised reflections and interpretations of their inner turmoil, by acclaimed Hindustani Classical vocalist Meeta Pandit.

Presented by the Bagri Foundation.

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