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Ray Charles and Nina Simone


  • Jeremy Sassoon’s 17 piece Ray Charles Project
  • Liz Fletcher and her Quartet

We celebrate two of the greatest stars in the history of soul music. The music of Ray Charles is recreated by Jeremy Sassoon’s 17 piece Ray Charles Project and Liz Fletcher takes the role of Nina Simone backed by her magnificent quartet, featuring the great guitarist Nigel Price.

‘Sassoon is a charming and witty front-man, one of his skills being that he can make the audience feel immediately at ease, and can relate to the crowd on a personal level. Such an atmosphere made the sold-out crowd applaud wildly for each tune and soak up the infectious feel-good vibe.’ (Sarah Ellen Hughes, London Jazz)

‘…And what a line-up: a punchy rhythm section, the smouldering trio of backing vocalists, the big and bold horns, and the top-flight playing of some of the north-west’s most celebrated soloists – all under the watchful eye and discerning ear of maestro Jeremy Sassoon.’ (Steve Mead, Manchester Jazz Festival)

‘And there’s Liz Fletcher’s distinctive voice, with its understated husky tones -from Julie London’s smooth timbre to the witty insouciance of Annie Ross.’ (Alison Bentley, London Jazz)

‘Liz Fletcher – one of the UK’s top jazz singers.’ (Ronnie Scott’s Magazine)

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