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Choral Music from China

Featuring the Yellow River Cantata

Venue: Cadogan Hall


Zhao Yuanren
Sea Rhythm
Qu Xixian
The Clouds Fly But The Sky Stays Still
Qu Xixian
Shepherd’s Song
Wang Chenya
Yangguang Sandie
Nicholas Smith
Rainy Day
Nicholas Smith
Vegetable Picking Song
Cai Yuwen
The Half Moon Rises
Zheng Zhicheng
The River Runs Red
Xian Xinghai
Yellow River Cantata


  • Chopsticks Choral Society
Wang Chen
Justin Lavender
Julian Rippon
William Hancox
Nicholas Smith
artistic director/conductor

Home-grown Chinese choral music began a century ago. The works in the first half of this concert explore how China’s musical traditions are used in its choral music.

Xian Xinghai’s Yellow River Cantata covers an emotional journey as turbulent as the waters of that river. From the cries of the boatmen in the first movement through to the devastation of a mother who has lost her baby in war to the surging, uplifting music of the final movements portraying hope and rejuvenation, the Yellow River Cantata creates a breathtaking emotional journey that is unmistakably Chinese in cadence and rhythm.

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