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Ben Waters Rock 'n' Roll Project

Venue: Cadogan Hall


Ben Waters
piano and vocals
Tom Waters
Ian Jennings
double bass
Mark Morgan
  • Plus other stellar rock ‘n’ roll musicians

Celebrating the music of Amos Milburn, Ray Charles, Larry Williams, Fats Domino and many more.

Ben Waters wanted to put together a band that recreated early rock ‘n’ roll. Being a life-long Fats Domino fan since seeing him on TV, Waters fell in love with not just the music, but the good feeling it created, the rolling, rollicking sounds of early piano-based R’n‘R where Boogie Woogie meets R’n‘B and the hard hitting rhythms of the pre-Bill Hayley era which launched a new wave of excitement in world music.

Ben and all the band are leading exponents of this music they love; hand chosen for this special event the band are incredible – all virtuosos, all fascinated by this early music and very much in demand having worked all over the world with some of the biggest bands.

It’s going to be an amazing night of paying homage to our heroes!

“Ben knows how to play boogie, quite a lot of people can play the odd track, but to play it to this standard takes a lifetime to perfect” (Jools Holland).

Concert Duration:
approx. 2 hours
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