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Arensky Chamber Orchestra

The Revolutionaries of Vienna: Beethoven


Piano Concerto No. 3
Symphony No. 3


Benjamin Grosvenor
William Kunhardt

The Arensky Chamber Orchestra brings its fresh and quirky approach to some of the core works of the classical repertory in this three-concert series, focusing on Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart.

The first of the series pictures a young Beethoven, whose force and virtuosity as a pianist brought about massive changes in piano technology and whose disregard for compositional convention inspired an entire generation. The outstanding young pianist Benjamin Grosvenor joins conductor William Kunhardt and an orchestra of exceptional musicians for Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto, followed by the ground-breaking Third Symphony, the ‘Eroica’.

Part of Arensky Chamber Orchestra: The Revolutionaries of Vienna

Arensky Chamber Orchestra

The second concert in the ACO's 'Revolutionaries of Vienna' series, featuring two early Haydn symphonies and First Cello Concerto.

Arensky Chamber Orchestra: Mozart

The final concert in the ACO's series celebrates the genius of Mozart with performances of his Sinfonia Concertante and 'Jupiter' Symphony.

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